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Lumber Liquidators' stock falls after CDC says cancer risk from flooring three times higher

lumber liquidatorsA statement from the CDC that it underestimated the cancer risk from some flooring caused Lumber Liquidators' stock to fall 17 percent in pre-market trading on Monday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week it was notified of an error in its Feb. 10 report on possible health effects from exposure to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen which can cause, at high levels, myeloid leukemia and other cancers. Formaldehyde is found in some laminate flooring. It cited higher-than-announced health risks, potentially causing eye, ear, nose and throat irritation, and increased its estimates of cancer associated with exposure to the flooring.


Colombia: 6300 Pregnant Women Have Zika

Colombia zika cases riseColombia has now registered more than 37,000 cases of people infected with Zika, including more than 6,300 pregnant women, the country's National Institute of Health reported Saturday.

The latest count, based on data reported as of February 13, reflects an increase of 5,456 cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the last week for which data is available.

The rapid spread of the virus has raised alarms in Latin America because it has been tentatively linked to a serious birth defect known as microcephaly in babies born to women who became infected while pregnant.


Wisconsin blocks federal funds from reaching Planned Parenthood

Scott walkerWisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker signed two bills into law on Thursday that block federal funding from Planned Parenthood and could cost the local organization millions of dollars.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin could lose about $7.5 million a year because of the measures, an organization spokeswoman said.

Texas, Louisiana other Republican-controlled states tried to halt funding for the reproductive health organization after an anti-abortion group released videos last summer purported to show Planned Parenthood officials trying to negotiate prices for aborted fetal tissue. Under federal law, donated human fetal tissue may be used for research, but profiting from its sale is prohibited.


Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy

T-Cell cancer therapy shows great resultsScientists are claiming “extraordinary” success with engineering immune cells to target a specific type of blood cancer in their first clinical trials.

Among several dozen patients who would typically have only had months to live, early experimental trials that used the immune system’s T-cells to target cancers had “extraordinary results”.


Federal investigation to review rubber turf for possible cancer link

Rubber turf studied for cancer linkThe Obama administration approved a federal study to review the possible health risks that may come with playing sports on artificial playing fields, especially crumb-rubber turf.

The study, announced Friday, will look at the turf, which is made from recycled tires and is spread across fields to provide cushion and traction for football players, field hockey players and other athletes.


Latin American Doctors Suggest Monsanto-Linked Larvicide Cause of Microcephaly, Not Zika Virus

Doctors say Monsanto linked Larcivide causes macrocephlyAs the Zika epidemic “spreads explosively” around the world, pregnant travelers have been put on pause due to the virus’s suspected association with microcephaly, the congenital condition in which a baby’s head is abnormally small.

While the link between the mosquito-borne virus and microcephaly has yet to be scientifically proven, Argentinian and Brazilian doctors have suggested an alternate culprit: pesticides.

The report, written by the Argentine group Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), suspects that pyriproxyfen—a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks—has caused the birth defects.


Walgreens to sell heroin overdose antidote naloxone without prescription

walgreensWalgreens has launched a strategy to combat prescription drug abuse by allowing the sale of heroin overdose antidote naloxone available without a prescription.

The Illinois-based company will begin its effort by introducing medication disposal kiosks in more than 500 company drug stores across 39 states and Washington, D.C., primarily in 24-hour locations. Walgreens hopes the move will make the disposal of drugs safer, easier and more convenient, which could reduce the misuse of medications and the rise in overdose deaths.


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