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Israel Invades Gaza: At Least 240 Killed

Israel invades GazaA brief “humanitarian ceasefire” came and went earlier today in the Gaza Strip, and fresh off of that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the beginning of a full-scale ground invasion of the tiny Palestinian enclave.

The invasion follows what the Israeli military touted as a “blistering artillery barrage” against the strip in the moments after the ceasefire, killing many more civilians, including at least seven children.


Malaysian airliner downed in Ukraine, at least 295 dead

Malaysian airliner downedA Malaysian passenger airliner with 295 people on board crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border, Interfax cited an aviation industry source as saying on Thursday.

Malaysia Airlines confirmed on its Twitter feed that it had lost contact with Flight MH17 that was traveling from Amsterdam, adding that "the last known position was over Ukrainian airspace."

Malaysia Airlines also said in a statement that it received notification from Ukrainian air traffic control that it lost contact with the plane, a Boeing 777, about 31 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border.


Julian Assange's lawyers will appeal against ruling to uphold arrest warrant

Julian AssangeLawyers for Julian Assange said they would appeal after a Stockholm judge rejected their challenge to the warrant for his arrest, condemning the WikiLeaks founder to remain in the Ecuador embassy in London.

"The court believes there is probable cause for the crimes of which he is accused," judge Lena Egelin said in a statement to the court.

"He has chosen himself to go into the embassy and … the court does not believe that the deprivation of his liberty is such as to be disproportionate" to the allegations, she said.


Bolivia on verge of legalizing work from age 10

Child labor in BoliviaAlicia weaves through El Alto's stalled traffic under a blazing sun, hawking colorful woven flowers to grumpy drivers and lovers.

With luck, the 12-year-old and her mother will together muster $18 by day's end, all the while keeping watch over her younger brother and sister, ages 8 and 6.

"It is difficult for my mother to sell alone because she has to look after my siblings," said Alicia, who normally goes to school in the afternoon but is using her vacation to help her mother by working the entire day. As her siblings sleep, her mother knits the flowers that Alicia sells.

While most of the world is trying to diminish child labor, Bolivia is on the verge of becoming the first nation to legalize it from age 10. Congress has approved the proposal and all that's now required is President Evo Morales' signature.


Gaza medical officials: Four children killed by Israeli Navy shelling

children killed on Gaza beachFour Palestinian children were killed and one was critically wounded on a Gaza beach on Wednesday by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, a Palestinian health official said.  Asked about the incident, an Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv said he was checking the report.

"The kids were playing football on the beach. They were all ... under the age of 15," said Ahmed Abu Hassera, 22.

"When the first shell hit the land, they ran away but another shell hit them all," said Abu Hassera, whose shirt was stained with blood.


Swedish court to rule on lifting Julian Assange arrest warrant

Julian AssaneA Swedish court will hold a public hearing to decide whether to lift the arrest warrant on Julian Assange that has kept the WikiLeaks founder holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London to avoid extradition over allegations of rape and sexual molestation.

Assange sought refuge in the embassy in Britain in June 2012 after exhausting all legal options in British courts to avoid being extradited to Sweden.

The legal challenge to the prosecutor was issued last month after a change to Swedish criminal procedures that brought them in line with an EU directive on the right to information in criminal proceedings. The challenge also coincided with the second anniversary of Assange seeking refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy.


Court Finds Netherlands Liable For 300 Deaths In Srebrenica Massacre

Bosnia assacre familiesA court in the Netherlands ruled today that the country's government was partly liable for the deaths of 300 Bosnian Muslims whom Dutch peacekeepers failed to protect in in 1995.

But The Associated Press notes that the court decision clears the government of liability in the deaths of the thousands of others who were killed in Srebrenica.

"Relatives of the dead welcomed the limited finding of liability, but lamented that it did not go much further," The AP added.

The court did not specify how much compensation the families of the 300 victims should receive.


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