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Austria to close borders again after letting 12,000 refugees pass

Austria closes bordersIt was only supposed to be a temporary solution.

After throwing open its border with Hungary on Saturday, allowing thousands of relieved migrants to pass through, Austria said on Sunday it would gradually end the emergency measures.

Leaders of Austria and Germany had agreed to take busloads of refugees who’d been stranded for days in Hungary as their governments debated how to respond.


WATCH: Masked Israeli youth attack Palestinian in Hebron

israelis attack PalestinianA Palestinian man was attacked by masked Israeli youth at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron on Saturday, as an IDF soldier helplessly tried to separate the man from his attackers.

The Israelis beat him with their fists, kicked him, and one even attacked him with pepper spray.

A Palestinian source speaking to Ynet recounted the chain of events that led to the assault. According to the source, two Palestinians were stopped for questioning by a soldier at the checkpoint. Several minutes later, he let one of them go and took the other with him back to the army post.

That entire time, a group of young Israelis stood nearby.


Israel lets Mordechai Vanunu discuss its nuclear program on primetime TV

VanunuIn a remarkable departure from decades of nuclear secrecy, Israel’s military censors permitted nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu to give a lengthy interview to primetime Israeli television on Friday night, in a move that took Israel closer than ever to acknowledging the existence of its nuclear arsenal.

The interview on Israel’s Channel 2 news featured several fascinating revelations and anecdotes, but its most dramatic aspect by far was that Vanunu — who was barred from giving interviews under the terms of his release from 18 years in jail for treason in 2004 — was allowed to speak freely, with the full permission of Israel’s security establishment, about what his interviewer termed his exposure of “one of Israel’s greatest secrets.”


Palestinian teachers, students strike in Israel over school budget cuts

Christian Israelis strikeMore than 30,000 Palestinian students missed the start of a new school year this week after 47 Christian schools in Israel launched a strike to protest state policies that staff and community members say are cutting off financial support to their institutions.

In recent years, Israel’s Ministry of Education has cut vital funding to the schools and imposed caps on how much tuition they can charge. “The cuts on the one hand, and the circular restricting collections on the other are dealing a death blow to the Christian schools,” one principal told Israeli news website Haaretz.


China's Victory Day parade stirs national pride, leadership vows of peace

China military paradeChina's grand parade on Thursday, held to mark Japan's defeat in World War II, stirred nationalist sentiments as 12,000 troops marched near Tiananmen Square alongside the latest weapons and aircraft on display.

The event was marked by a speech from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said he would downsize the nation's 2.3 million-member armed forces by 300,000, The New York Times reported.


Chaos as refugees forced off train after leaving besieged Budapest station

Refugee crisisRefugees poured into the main train station in Budapest on Thursday after police stopped blocking its main entrance, prompting chaotic scenes as carriages crammed with people were allowed to depart only for authorities to forcefully remove them shy of the Austrian border.

After shutting migrants out of the main train station in the capital Budapest for two days, authorities relented and let exhausted and confused migrants to board a westbound train. Hundreds crammed aboard clinging to doors and squeezing their children through open carriage windows.


On barren hilltop, Israeli settler vigilantism blurs into Jewish theocracy

Israeli settler theocracyClinging to a barren hillside, the “Baladim” outpost was little more than a solitary trailer, a farming tractor, a makeshift tent for shade, and a flock of goats.

But Israeli security authorities say Baladim and other hilltop outposts served as a base for a new generation of Jewish militants, disaffected youths who allegedly vandalized Holy Land churches and carried out a deadly arson attack in the nearby Palestinian village of Duma on July 31. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the attack, which killed Saad Dawabsha and his 18-month-old son Ali, as an act of “Jewish terrorism.”



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